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Precision Laboratories is a private label manufacturer.

Whether you have an inkling of an idea or an already refined formula, whether you want a single niche item or a comprehensive line of personal care products, Precision Laboratories is your solution.

Experts at creating therapeutic hair, skin and spa treatments based on natural, organic ingredients, Precision Laboratories can construct unique, custom formulas tailored to your specifications.

You can also choose from our extensive portfolio of proprietary stock formulations that can be used or adapted to your purposes. Our formulas harness nature’s most potent extracts, essences, botanicals and nutrients and cater to all skin and hair types.

Integrated under our one roof, Precision has the full suite of support services to transform your idea into an exceptional, effective and attractive personal care product.

Our scientists and technicians can help you refine your concept, produce samples and carry out all testing. Our in-house artists and other specialists can design and print logos and packaging and ensure compliance with labeling regulations.

Precision’s individualized and flexible services help you launch your ideas into profitable merchandizes, which is key to our private label clients.

Precision conducts manufacturing under strict quality controls.  Our reputation in strict quality control and on time delivery has helped us develop a base of loyal clients.

Precision is one of very few factories accommodates small runs.
Our private-label manufacturing services include:

New product conceptualization

Product development


Laboratory testing




In-house artwork & design

Silkscreen printing


Bulk production

Export documentation & logistics




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